Continuous Improvement

The A-iP service includes continuous improvement consultancy to help the buyer gain the optimum process efficiencies and increase the percentage of invoices posting first time.

A continuous improvement schedule will be agreed with the customer as a post-production activity. This will involve workshops to discuss potential changes to the buyer’s business processes, SAP Purchase Order settings, A-iP Control Centre settings and A-iP data-capture settings. 

Our objective for making the suggestions is to increase the first-time post rate of invoices in SAP and so reduce the amount of effort required to post Accounts Payable Invoices.

Any strategies and changes put forward to improve the process will only become apparent once the A-iP Control Centre has processed enough invoices to generate meaningful reporting data. In the majority of circumstances, the A-iP improvement consultants will make use of existing intellectual property, which means changes and therefore benefits can be achieved quickly.