The Supplier

For your Suppliers there is little change and importantly, there is no cost to the Supplier for using A-iP.

As part of the implementation we will communicate with your suppliers to inform them of the different methods now available for delivering invoices. The Supplier can choose any of the methods to deliver their invoices, for example; sending invoices as email attachments reduces DSO and removes the cost of stationery and posting.

Organisations take different approaches to communicating with vendors depending on industry sector, corporate culture and the profile of their supplier base, so the A-iP service will include a tailored adoption process based on the buyers requirements. The key barriers to entry with traditional e-invoicing are negated by A-iP due to there being no cost to the supplier and no restrictions on file formats, but some suppliers are simply too small or don't have the capabilities to do electronic files. However, the smallest of suppliers can easilly send their invoices as a PDF email attachments, which means the vast majority of suppliers have no valid excuses not to participate.

A-iP will always accept paper invoices, so supplier adoption into our automated electronic invoicing process is 100% from day one.

Optional tools are available to allow your Suppliers to access their invoice status information or enter invoices via a portal. Allowing the suppliers to view the status of their invoices will reduce the amount of calls received into the Accounts Payable team and provide a better service to suppliers.