Processing in SAP

Data and Image Storage

On transfer from the A-iP processing Centre the invoice data is stored as a document in the Control Centre residing in SAP. The data sent from A-iP is mapped by field into the corresponding fields of a document in the Control Centre; this mapping is determined via the customising. The invoice image is archived using the SAP Archivelink process into the Buyer's Archive storage system and the image is linked to the document in the SAP Control Centre.

Invoice Validation

Immediately after the document has been created, the customised line item matching process and data checks are performed on the document. A log is created detailing the results of each validation performed and the document is allocated a status of either, Contains No Errors or Contains Errors. The log displays the details for each error message.

The validations and checks performed are classified in the customising and can be different by Company Code and Document Type. The checks performed are the same as when keying invoices into SAP plus any other check the process requires. 

Automatic Posting of the Invoice

If a document contains no errors it can be posted automatically.

The number of documents that are posted on transfer and therefore do not have to be touched by the Accounts Payable team is a key performance indicator. The objective of the continuous improvement support included in the A-iP service is to analyse why a certain suppliers invoices are not posting first time and implement strategies to improve the percentage.

Automatic Workflow

If an invoice posts with a payment block it is possible to automatically launch the invoice into Workflow to get the payment block resolved, e.g. Invoice with missing goods receipts, invoice with Purchase Order price difference or invoice requires approval. The blocks are automatically removed in the background when the documents are re-checked for posting.