Receipt of paper invoices;

  • Batching and scanning for OCR
  • OCR capture of header and line item data
  • All data verified for accuracy

Electronic invoicing;

  • PDF or other email attachments
  • Any electronic file format
  • einvoicing networks
  • Supplier portal

Transfer of data to SAP in 24hrs;

Tools in SAP to manage;

  • Line-item matching & auto-posting 
  • Workflow for exceptions with images
  • Exception handling via workflow 
  • Reporting for performance analysis
  • Vendor self-service (invoice status etc)

Post Go-Live support to;

  • Increase 1st time posting percentages
  • Identify smarter purchasing processes
  • Increase einvoicing take up
  • Improve process compliance

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A-iP the vision

Our vision is to enable accounts payable automation between buyers and suppliers from the delivery of the invoice from the supplier to financial posting of the invoice in the buyer‘s SAP system.

The true benefits of automated invoice processing can only be achieved by removing any barriers to entry for the supplier to participate by allowing the supplier to deliver their invoices in the format which suits them and at no cost to the supplier. The A-iP service can accept paper invoices, invoices emailed as attachments, electronic invoice files and portal entry.

For you, the Buyer, all the invoice data is converted to the same output file format for A-iP to transmit securely to your SAP system. For Buyers to achieve the benefits A-IP includes the tools in SAP to post invoices automatically, highlight errors and provide workflow to allow the users to resolve invoice queries.

This means the buyer's Accounts Payable team only have to deal with invoices that have errors.

Simply receiving an electronic invoice from a supplier does not mean the prices are correct or the buyer has performed a goods receipt, so to complete our vision at A-iP we support continuous improvement of the Accounts Payable processes with the objective of increasing the first time posting percentages. To achieve this; A-iP employ expert SAP consultants to support the identification of process improvements to enable the Buyer to gain further efficiencies. The higher the percentage of invoices posting automatically, the more efficient your Accounts Payable team will be. Increased first time posting reduces vendor queries, increases early settlement discount and reduces clerical time and effort.



The Software Used with A-iP

The software provided with A-iP has been SAP certified since April 2004 and successfully implemented in over 500 SAP customers worldwide. 

For the Accounts Payable team the SAP screens look like existing MIRO and FB60 transactions making training and change simple, with all screens being image enabled. For the business users workflow driven from SAP can be responded to by business users in SAP, SRM or Web Pages.

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