The SAP integrated e-invoicing service 

Enable the automation of supplier invoice processing into your SAP system

A-iP delivers the following benefits immediately with no capex:

- Removes all paper from the process

- Eliminates manual keying of invoices

- Auto-Posting for matched invoices

- Auto-Workflow for exceptions

- Workflow for SAP & non SAP users

- Supplier portal for self-service

- Support to increase 1st time match 


The A-iP Service provides all the benefits of an automated invoice processing solution with zero capital expenditure.

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Innovative Solutions

Reporting for Accounts Payable
Report in SAP on all key performance & process improvement metrics on your invoices & workflows in the Invoices Cockpit.

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Archive Any
Cost effective scanning & archiving to any SAP object. For example, scan supplier invoices & attach them to the SAP Finance document to view the image in SAP.

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